A new Content PR approach — introducing NewsHub

Let’s look at the facts. More than 2,100 newspapers have closed since 2004, according to a University of North Carolina study, and both daily and Sunday print circulation has plummeted by 12 percent. 

That circulation drop has led to shrinking newsrooms, axed special sections and fewer in-depth stories. With these hard facts more prevalent than ever, there is a clear need to develop new ways of storytelling.

We are living through a defining moment of change when journalism is no longer only for those behind a news desk or camera, instead, Devine + Partners has developed a new way to tell your story by going directly to your audience. 

At Devine + Partners, we’ve developed a new form of storytelling that we call NewsHub.

Great stories need to be told and with NewsHub, every story gets a spotlight. Let us help you become skilled brand journalist, or let the D+P team become your digital news bureau.

Want to learn more about how NewsHub can elevate your brand through owned media? Email our team at resteasy@devinepartners.com and schedule a consultation session with the Team D+P today.