Ousted Papa John’s CEO files lawsuit alleging secret recordings, says racial slur was something Kanye West said

Just one week after former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said there will be a “day of reckoning” for the company’s board, who he claimed conspired to record him using racist language during a company conference call, Schnatter is now suing an advertising firm he claims secretly recorded and selectively leaked his comments.

Bloomberg reports Schnatter claims the racists comments were taken out of context and in fact he had been criticizing Kanye West for using a racial slur, according to a lawsuit he said he filed Thursday in state court in Kentucky, who the company was considering hiring to promote the company’s pizza.

Schnatter is suing Laundry Service and its parent company, Wasserman Media, which worked with Papa John’s on advertising projects.

Casey Wasserman, the head of Wasserman Media, created a campaign to discredit Schnatter over a commercial dispute, according to the lawsuit. Wasserman told Papa John’s then-Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie he would “bury the founder” if Laundry Service was not paid $6 million it said it was owed, said Schnatter, who gave up the CEO title in 2017.


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