Use color theory to take social media marketing to another level

Anyone can add an image to their next social media post but according to PR Daily’s Natalie O’Grady, for those of us looking for a way to take our social media strategy to the next level, we ought to check out color theory.

Color theory: The basics

Color theory is a broad term that encompasses decades of scientific study and exploration. The base is the color wheel, which itself has a multitude of iterations. The key parts of any color wheel are:

Primary colors (red, blue and yellow): All other colors are made from these three.
Secondary colors (green, orange and purple): Each of these colors is made from some combination of primary colors.
Tertiary colors: Made by mixing a primary and secondary color, these colors expand the color range infinitely.

Any color wheel you choose can guide you in complementary colors, or “color harmony.” Colors and shades directly across from each other on a color wheel are complementary, meaning that when paired together they provide a contrast that is pleasing to the eye. 

PR Daily

Of course, most of us don’t keep a color wheel in our back pocket for reference but thankfully there are multiple online tools that can help users pick analogous colors.

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