Jay Devine: How can business owners raise their storytelling game? (Forbes)

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on Forbes.com and features Devine + Partners CEO Jay Devine, among six public relations experts.

As anyone in marketing knows, telling a story is what attracts customers to a brand or a business. A business owner is the first and most crucial brand ambassador for their company. As a result, their storytelling skills form an essential part of a business owner’s arsenal when trying to market their business.

This means that making sure you can communicate the brand’s promise to consumers, as well as put the company’s best foot forward, is crucial. To help, six members of Forbes Agency Council explore how business owners can improve their storytelling skills in order to become better brand ambassadors.

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In this article, Jay Devine writes:

5. Use An Appreciative Inquiry Process

By using an appreciative inquiry process, business owners can become better storytellers. Ask yourself an appreciative question such as, “What is the best day ever and why?” Then, tell your story about why this was the best day.

– Jay Devine, Devine+Partners, for Forbes