How LinkedIn’s New Stories Feature Can Help You On Your Professional Journey

At a time when a large number of college graduates are competing for the same entry-level jobs, standing out from the crowd is especially challenging. For recent graduates searching for their first job, or anyone looking to make a name for themselves within their professional network, there’s a new tool from an old source that can show recruiters your personal side. 

Following the lead of other social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, LinkedIn is adding ephemeral content to its toolkit with the creation of LinkedIn Stories, a new feature that allows users to post photos or short videos to communicate to their network.

Not only can you use this feature, but companies can, as well, allowing candidates deeper insight into a company and its culture. Adding LinkedIn Stories to your list of company research tools will help you find a company that fits you. Soon, we will start to see companies use Stories, to highlight upcoming events and ongoing projects, accomplishments, and behind-the-scenes looks into their day-to-day operations that can help you get a better feel if the company is right for you. 

Here are some tips as a recent college graduate that will help you use Stories to stand out:

Find A Balance Between Personal and Professional

During a time when working from home has become the norm, business has become more personal–and more casual. Stories can be a great way to connect your audience to personal projects you’ve been involved in. But keep in mind that the conversations you spark from your LinkedIn Stories should correspond to your work and your professional image. 

Be Relatable

An important part of marketing yourself is the ability for your audience to connect with you on some level. Ask yourself how your story relates to the people in your network and recruiters, and what will resonate with your audience the most.  The best way to be relatable is to provide content about your industry by humanizing it on a personal level.

Engage With Your Audience

Be sure to raise questions and spur conversation about your field. Demonstrate your interest and industry knowledge when you use Stories as a place to engage with other professionals. This will help you connect with like-minded professionals in your industry and grow an extensive network.

What To Post

Make sure your content is inspiring and compelling by showing photos and videos that display your commitment to your craft. A short video of yourself at an industry conference, recommended industry-related reading, or even highlights from volunteer work can show recruiters and your network your dedication and drive.

Stories can boost your online persona and make meaningful interactions with your network as you embark on your professional journey. As you start to post your own inspiring stories on LinkedIn, be sure to connect with me on and be sure to follow Devine + Partners for more insight. We would love to see how you inspire others through your stories!